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Some known uses of Poly-Gel…

The use of Poly-Gel doesn't stop at plants; it can be used for many different things from gardening to weddings. You can experiment and be creative. We would love to know of any new uses you find for Poly-Gel.

Water retention in hanging baskets
  • Mix expanded Poly-Gel with compost at a rate of one part expanded Poly-Gel to 4 parts compost.  Water your plants up to 5 times less than normal.

Growing plant cuttings
  • Your cutting will root by using Poly-Gel with a little extra water (no rooting hormones). Transplant the cutting into the soil, leaving the Poly-Gel attached to the roots. You can rinse the gel in a sieve to be used again.

Germinating seeds
  • To germinate seeds follow the instructions on the seed packet but replace the compost with Poly-Gel. You will find that Poly-Gel will germinate seeds much faster than normal. Once seeds are rooted transplant your seedlings, with the Poly-Gel still attached into compost. You can rinse the remaining gel in a sieve to be used again.

Cut flowers
  • Using a single colour Poly-Gel mix expanded Poly-Gel with lots of extra water for flowers. When the flowers are finished, wash the gel in a sieve and use again. Only use the Poly-Gel twice for flowers then mix with compost for your hanging baskets.

Artificial flowers
  • For artificial flowers, strain the Poly-Gel in a sieve overnight, then mix colours.

Educational projects
  • Looking for stuff to do with the kids? Tired of the same old ideas? Why not use Poly-Gel to spark their interest. Try growing one seed in Poly-Gel and one in soil and see which takes off faster, (we find garlic cloves ideal for this) or root a new growth in Poly-Gel and one in water to see which one roots faster. Use clear containers so they can chart the root growth. Poly-Gel can also demonstrate osmosis. Use your creativity as these are just a few possible ways Poly-Gel can be used as a learning tool.

Room freshener
  • By placing expanded Poly-Gel in a glass bowl or vase and adding scented oil can give a pleasant fragrance diffuser in a colourful, decorative manner and avoid needing to buy expensive chemical fragrances that plug into your mains socket or spray around. Why not use them throughout your home, office, or wherever you fancy a bit of fragrance. Note: Do not use scented oils in Poly-Gel with plants or for other subsequent uses, as oils are petroleum based and will kill your plants.

Candles and floating candles
  • Poly-Gel is also great to use with burning candles. By placing a votive candle in a glass bowl and placing expanded Poly-Gel around it, you get a great effect and no dripping wax either!

  • To use with a floating candle use a single colour of expanded Poly-Gel with extra water in a glass bowl.

Weddings and special occasions
  • Why not do something different and unique? We’d love your wedding or special occasion be remembered and talked about. Poly-Gel can match in with your colour scheme creating stunning centrepieces. You could use it with cut flowers or candles; if you use clear Poly-Gel an illuminating effect can be achieved with a candle or battery powered LED lighting to create a unique effect for your centrepiece. With one on each table, it can also make someone a great memento.

What have you done with yours?


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