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Help via Hypnosis

Past Life Regression

Have you ever thought about who you could have been in a past life, have you been drawn to a particular period of time, met somebody for the first time and felt you already knew them, or when visiting a place for the first time you feel a connection?

To help you have a greater understanding why not try Past Life Regression it is a wonderful, relaxing and enlightening experience allowing you to open your mind and start healing for your future.


Spiritual Development

Have you felt lost on your spiritual pathway, feeling that you are blocked or something is blocking your spiritual development? Do you struggle with identifying your guides and helpers, sometimes feel restless in your communication with the spirit world?

Spiritual Hypnosis is a great, safe way to bring light to the end of your tunnel and awaken any forgotten pathways needed for the next part of your soul's journey, enhancing your spiritual development.



Why relaxation? With hypnotherapy, relaxation is one of the most important parts of the journey. It helps to focus your mind, your body and your spirit. Once you can relax, you can focus; once you can focus, you can benefit positively towards your future healing, spiritual development or past life regression.



Hypnotherapy and healing create a positive effect your mind, body and spirit. Firstly you need to relax and then the hypnosis helps you travel within and thus aids you to heal. The healing can be for any chosen issue that needs to find its way forward, notifying the sub-conscious that it is time for the healing process to begin and it can bring a positive light into your own personal growth.



Initial Consultation: Up to 90 minutes - £45​

  • Full consultation.

  • Plan for course of hypnotherapy.

  • Hypnosis as needed.

  • Aftercare recommendations.


Follow-Up Consultation: Up to 60 minutes - £40​

  • Consultation.

  • Hypnosis as needed.

  •  Aftercare recommendations.



“I’ve known Helen for over eight years; she is a very genuine person and a good teacher. I found my hypnosis to be a great experience; totally bowled over by it! I would recommend her to anyone in need of her treatments.”

Rose Hall

“I write to attest the effectiveness of Helen as a hypnotherapist and counsellor. Having undergone past life hypnosis which proved most illuminating and personally beneficial, plus her counselling proved effective in helping me to resolve underlying issues. Her approach is gentle but penetrating in its effectiveness.

I unhesitatingly recommend her services to anyone who might benefit from them.”

Doug Holdeness BA (Hons) Psy, MIPD, DipMS, DipM

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