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Some Poly-Gel Questions & Answers…


What is Poly-Gel?
  • Poly-Gel is a type of polymer that holds water and a special blend of nutrients around the root base of your plant and slowly releases them over time to the plant’s root system.

  • Poly-Gel is used as a soil replacement to hold water, air and nutrients around the roots of your house plants so they don't dry out so fast.

Is Poly-Gel new?
  • Hydroponics was first conceived in the sixteenth century! It has taken a while to perfect; this polymer was developed over 35 years ago in Cumbria. They just forgot to tell us about it or we didn’t realise how good it is.

Is it safe?
  • Poly-Gel is a non-toxic, biodegradable, odourless super absorbent crystal that absorbs up to 400 times its weight in water.

What is Poly-Gel used for?
  • Go and take a look at some known uses of Poly-Gel.

How does Poly-Gel work?
  • Poly-Gel releases nutrients directly to the plant's root system; this can increase the life span of your plants whilst making them healthier and more vibrant.

  • Poly-Gel is an excellent medium for house plants due to its water retention ability. Thus you only have to water your plants up to every three months or when the roots start to become exposed.

Can I use Poly-Gel without soil?
  • For vibrant colourful displays you need to use Poly-Gel without soil.

Is Poly-Gel only used for indoor plants?
  • Poly-Gel can be mixed at a rate of 4 parts compost to one part expanded Poly-Gel.  This will allow you to water your plants up to 5 times less than normal.

Do I have to use a clear vase?
  • You can use any container. The use of clear vases allows you to show off the stunning colours that can be created with Poly-Gel and make beautiful displays which liven up any room. Glass vases are recommended for use with candles.

Do I need drainage holes for my Poly-Gel plants?
  • Poly-Gel absorbs the water that you use to water your plants.

How often do I have to water my plants?
  • For plants in Poly-Gel, depending on your vases size, you will need to water about every two to three months on average; obviously if you have a small vase you may need to water it more often. For plants in soil, you will normally water at least once a week.

How do I know when and how much to water my gel plant?
  • Refer to Maintaining your plant.

Will Cuttings root in the Poly-Gel?
  • Yes, refer to growing plant cuttings.

Can I grow seeds or bulbs in Poly-Gel?
  • Yes, refer to germinating seeds.

How long will Poly-Gel last?
  • Once hydrated, Poly-Gel has a life span of at least 5 years.

Will Poly-Gel hurt my kids or pets if they eat it?
  • Whilst Poly-Gel is non-toxic, it should not be consumed as it may cause choking. If Poly-Gel grains are swallowed seek medical help as the grains will absorb liquid and swell up.

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